Today the umbrella group SWUTCH music GmbH with its constantly growing family of several labels (OZLO, ONZE, INFERIAE, RUN DBN, RUN DEEP, RUN FREE, RNFR, LEYK) is one of Germany's fastest-growing independent labels for electronic music.

With a back catalogue of now almost 2K tracks, remixes and edits, we at SWUTCH focus on our constantly growing Spotify network and understand how labels and streaming work.

We would love to listen to your music. Don't send bootlegs, mash-ups and remixes, just original material!


Starting a playlist promotion with us means getting your song heard through the jungle of playlists on the most important streaming platforms. Increasing amounts of streams, gaining more listeners, getting playlisted and growing. Our global network includes a lot of important playlist-curators, labels and A-list artists.


We work close to a bunch of successful producers with years of experience. As a full-service music company, affiliated with music and productions for more than 15 years, we have global contacts to the most important music markets and have successfully worked on various projects for major record companies as well.


To compete on a global level in terms of loudness and quality, your music must be mastered. To release a song on a commercial platform, digital music store or streaming service, your track should be homogeneous in terms of level and EQ so that your single, remix, EP or album remains consistent throughout and competes on a commercial level. When you hire us to have your tracks mastered, you can be sure that a professional, experienced mastering engineer will be working on your songs.


Due to our longterm experience in running records labels, we know about the struggles with administrative work that kills nothing but time that you would better invest in creative work. In the past months, we developed a workflow that minimizes the effort of label management without making compromises on efficiency. From the distribution of releases to all relevant music platforms to sending out statements, label management by SWUTCH music allows smaller labels to spend more time and energy on their A&Ring and social media activities.