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Munich based DJ/producer hypebeast Sam Collins is once again back on RUN DEEP with his latest awesome and dynamic piece of electronic music, that goes by the name of 'Poker' (feat. Lene Angelica).


Starting a playlist promotion with us means getting your song heard through the jungle of playlists on the most important streaming platforms. Increasing amounts of streams, gaining more listeners, getting playlisted, growing and becoming interesting for booking-agencies and festival promoters are the main goals of most artists worldwide. Our global network includes the most important playlist-curators, labels and A-list artists on this planet. World renown DJs keep playlisting our promos and support them in their shows. After every campaign, you receive professional feedback.


We work close to a bunch of successful producers with years of experiences. As a full-service music company, affiliated with music and productions for more than 15 years, we have global contacts to the most important music markets and have successfully worked on various projects for major record companies as well.


To compete on a global level in terms of loudness and quality, your music must be mastered. To release a song on a commercial platform, digital music store or streaming service, your track should be homogeneous in terms of level and EQ so that your single, remix, EP or album remains consistent throughout and competes on a commercial level. When you hire us to have your tracks mastered, you can be sure that a professional, experienced mastering engineer will be working on your songs.


Due to our longterm experience in running records labels, we know about the struggles with administrative work that kills nothing but time that you would better invest in creative work. In the past months, we developed a workflow that minimizes the effort of label management without making compromises on efficiency. From the distribution of releases to all relevant music platforms to sending out statements, label management by SWUTCH music allows smaller labels to spend more time and energy on their A&Ring and social media activities.


The main goal of our radio promotion department is to place our customers' songs on German radio stations as best as possible. Therefore we work closely with commercial, non-commercial, terrestrial and internet-based radio stations together, talks to editors and editorial assistants and stays in contact with managing directors of some of the most important radio stations of the country. Reaching consumers and potential new fans is one of our radio promotion's key goals.


Music fans prefer to listen to tracks with vocals. Songs with vocals reach 78% more people on the 7 biggest music markets than instrumental tracks. Together with our publishing partners, we work with great passion to find the best fitting singer-/songwriters and vocalists for your playback.

RUN DBN with almost 200 releases became one of Germany's leading dance labels within the last few years.

PYRO marks the home of Big Room tunes, festival anthems and high-energy electronic dance music for almost 10 years.

RUN DEEP started as a sublabel of RUN DBN to give techno, deep- and tech-house tracks a suitable platform.

From trap to future bass to all kinds of urban music you can always expect some high-quality productions from RNFR Recordings.

RUN FREE is our genre-free label focussing on streaming and new talents, ready to grow, gain more listeners and get playlisted.

Our new flagship imprint for dance pop music, distributed by The Orchard / Sony Music, that goes by the name of ONZE.

CHANGE YOUR MIND by Mosimann is the very own label of Paris based multi-talent and DJ Mag Top100 - DJ Quentin Mosimann.

INFERIAE is all about credible electronic house music. Founded in cooperation with Dario Rodriguez, Inferiae marks the home base for Bass House and related genres.

Leykenda aka Jan Leyk’s imprint. One of Germany's most wanted artists with sold-out shows all over Europe and more than 1M Facebook followers.